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As a young boy in Texas, I grew up with guns. They were basic tools, much like my grandfather's mitre box or pipe wrench, there to perform specific tasks when called upon. I was taught gun safety by virtually every male adult in my family. I spent eight years in the US Navy operating and maintaing various guns from .30 caliber to 5" rifles.

After a few years as a moderator on a popular gun forum, I learned that there is much disinformation, prejudice and plain ignorance about guns posted constantly on the internet.

This blog is dedicated to sharing worthwhile information about the increasing acceptance and practice of legal concealed carry in our country. There is much mis-information and wild opinion about this topic among its practitioners and the public in general. The moral, social and legal responsibilities of concealed carry are immense and must be understood and practiced by all who legally carry a gun.

There is also a vast amount of practical and useful information about carrying and the weapons themselves and I hope to be able to share some of that here. Your comments are welcome, but will be moderated by me before appearing on this blog.

Stay safe.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Modifications to the LCP for better control

For many people, carrying a small, but effective, modern firearm like the Ruger LCP, loaded with modern self defense ammunition is a comfortable and effective solution. However, these types of small handguns can be made more effective and comfortable by applying a good quality "gun tape". In fact, many handguns can be improved by the simple addition of added friction, or traction, to the gripping surfaces.

There are companies that sell pre-cut patterns of grip tape for different popular handguns. The grip surface is usually offered in either a 'rubberized' or 'abrasive' surface. Each has its advantages. I have chosen to use more generic products on this LCP which are both cheaper and just as effective as the pre-cut offerings. Either, though, will provide a definite improvement to a handgun.

Left side mods

In the photograph above, you will note that I have used two different types of materials. One is skateboard tape, which is a high-friction and rather abrasive surface that I have attached to both sides of the rear of the LCP's slide. This ensures a solid, non-slip grip on the small side making racking the slide much easier and sure. This is an especially good modification for small and medium size handguns due to the small slide serration area, and is also an improvement for semi autos with stiff recoil springs, or those compact models with nested springs. Those are difficult to rack for some people, especially those of us with weaker or smaller hands due to injury, or age.

The sides, front and rear of the grip are covered with a generic "gun tape" which I bought through Amazon. I paid somewhat less than the cheaper pre-cut alternative, but got enough tape for three or more applications. Having used a pre-cut grip kit on my M&P Shield and comparing that with this generic 'gun tape', I can detect little difference.

Right side mods

By following the maker's directions to ensure the surfaces are clean and dry, then heating them with a hair dryer, applying the cut out sections and then heating again with the dryer and pressing them down firmly, I got a very good, solid fit. The tape adds little bulk, does not inhibit the draw from my holsters, except for the Kusiak which I will discuss in a subsequent post, and gives the little LCP a solid, non-slip presence in hand.

These simple modifications are within anyone's capabilities, are inexpensive and quick and will improve the feel and control of any handgun.

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