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As a young boy in Texas, I grew up with guns. They were basic tools, much like my grandfather's mitre box or pipe wrench, there to perform specific tasks when called upon. I was taught gun safety by virtually every male adult in my family. I spent eight years in the US Navy operating and maintaing various guns from .30 caliber to 5" rifles.

After a few years as a moderator on a popular gun forum, I learned that there is much disinformation, prejudice and plain ignorance about guns posted constantly on the internet.

This blog is dedicated to sharing worthwhile information about the increasing acceptance and practice of legal concealed carry in our country. There is much mis-information and wild opinion about this topic among its practitioners and the public in general. The moral, social and legal responsibilities of concealed carry are immense and must be understood and practiced by all who legally carry a gun.

There is also a vast amount of practical and useful information about carrying and the weapons themselves and I hope to be able to share some of that here. Your comments are welcome, but will be moderated by me before appearing on this blog.

Stay safe.

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace Laserguard on a Ruger LCP

I will soon begin my testing and evaluation of the Crimson Trace Laserguard for the Ruger LCP. I had not looked at the company website for a long while, but took the opportunity yesterday to go there and see what Crimson Trace is now up to.

When one buys a significant piece of technology, it is a good idea to know something about the company and people who make it and stand behind it. I do know that Crimson Trace was very prompt in responding to my request to test and review one of their laser sights but I wanted to know more. This is what I found on their site regarding their company and how they view themselves:


“Your customers are only satisfied because their expectations are so low and because no one else is doing better,” said Ken Blanchard in his book, “Raving Fans”.

At Crimson Trace, our goal is not to meet your needs.  Nor is it to exceed your expectations.  Our goal is to create a “Raving Fan” out of you.  To us, customer service isn’t simply answering your questions, tracking your shipment, or talking you through installation.  To us, customer service is making your experience with our brand shine so brightly that you’re amazed.  That you’ll tell others about your experience.  That you’re not just a customer.  You’re a Raving Fan!

Our Customer Service team is friendly, highly trained, motivated, and extremely knowledgeable…but everyone says that, right?  Our team is all of those things PLUS empowered.  That means, the person you get on the phone can answer your questions, take care of your needs, and provide service that is above and beyond your expectations.  Call us or email us – and you’ll find out for yourself.

That is a high benchmark to set for yourself. As part of my review of the Laserguard, I will also see how well Crimson Trace lives up to their goal. So far, they are doing fine.

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